From 2016

35 locations


Vietnam, India

ASEAN and South Asia


Financial products & service

Diamond Star was formed in Vietnam. It commenced operations early 2016 in Vietnam and has now operations in 35 locations across the country with four offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho

We provide a digital marketplace for demand & supply.

It employs more than 2000+ sales staff as of October, 2018 and is expected to grow to 10,000 by end of year 2020.

The key clients include all the leading banks, finance companies and Insurance companies. More are in the advanced stages of sign-up. The aim is to have 9 of the leading local banks, 3 of the leading foreign banks, 3 consumer finance companies, 6 life insurance and 4 general insurance companies among the clients in order to complete the panel.

At the moment, D0iamondstar has acquired a database of 3.7M customers with name and phone numbers of which it has established contacts with XXX after calling XXX of them. Of these, XXXX customers have fixed an appointment with us of whom XXXX has finally made an application with XXX accounts finally approved from them across cards, loans and insurance policies.

Who Are We?

Diamondstar is the fastest growing distribution platform for financial products & services in Vietnam which bring financial institutions and customer together:

• Customers can choose products they require in the most suitable manner at the most appropriate time

• Institutions can reach customers they need for their products at the time when they need it

• It has built a successful operation in Vietnam and India and expanding to other parts of ASEAN and South Asia soon

Support to
business development

Why Diamondstar?

All the companies that sell financial products face the following challenges in customer acquisition:

• Customer acquisition in most of the companies is fragmented and have much overlap. Financial Institutions reach out anyone and everyone. All Institutions, even departments within, reach out to the same customer.

• Financial Institutions do not know what to offer, to whom and when. Do not know the customer well enough to customize their offering. The market is flooded with generic products that address the concerns of everyone but meets the need of only a few.

Customers face the following challenges:

• Customers have to explicitly ask for the product at their bank. Customers can be sure of a solution that Customers can be sure of a solution that meets the Relationship Manager’s targets, not necessarily one that best meets their needs.

• Customers seek recommendations from friends and colleagues. What works for others might not work for you. And, they too have limited knowledge of the market.

In- efficient product delivery costs $ xxx million per year in Vietnam alone.

Looking for solutions? Welcome to Diamondstar Financial Services – Diamondstar Financial brings unparalleled efficiency in customer and product discovery. Diamondstar Financial powers an end-to-end customer and product discovery engine by proprietary big data analytics - Which customers are best suited for which product and when? Which products must be targeted to which customers and when?